04-3 No Need for Love~

Induced by a Dream on Thursday, 20 February 1998
Solar System
Milky Way


… before time, it was
when time was not
and eternity began

Unnoticeably, within lasting silence,
Gradually, sporadic, sections of nothing vibrated, and sound occurred.
Penetrated by sound, emptiness obtained the meaning of space.
Once named space was limited and intussuscepted.

Sound flowed along the curve of space, and it met itself.
Mingling with its own vibration, interference pattern formed
With silence at places of compensation
But turbulence where sound accumulated.

Since there was no resistance,
Resonances surged to infinity.
At those peaks, subjected to boundless energy
Sound condensed and formed matter.

Particles of same nature disperse.

Many collided and accelerated,
Some slowed down, and their quality changed.
Twists in space forced them to spin in many directions.
Those revolving in opposite attracted each other.

Under balanced tension between repulsion and attraction
Particles found crystalline structures
And the world was built.

Some sound waves kept on darting through the convolutions of space
and accelerated in high vibration.
Reflection and inflection strained sound’s continuity.
Eventually, it fragmented into quanta.
And there was light.

wonk i woh dna i erehw – where am i and how do i know


when there is cyclic movement.
contraction is birth, dispersion death.
the breath of time.

She sleeps, but she does not know.
All is pervaded by harmony and the pulse of prana.
Warmth radiates red and primal, raw joy.
Embedded she lies, cradled in this ambience.

Intermittently, subtle sensations occur.
Swiftly they are engulfed by a veil of comfort.
When they arise more often
She curiously looked for their origin.

Searching separates the observer from the observed.
The beginning of thought evokes the colour orange.
Utterly surprised, she arrives at boundaries,
In all directions, equidistant from her centre.

The multitude of different sensations
Ignites the course of waking up,
Initiating self-awareness and I,
Orange changes to yellow.

She learns to convulse her boundary, ejecting sparks of pleasure.
Overwhelmed by these feelings
She erupts with love
Enveloping all abundantly and all turns green.

Out there, all is mostly dark and cold.
Far away, there is a multitude of lights.
One light is vast, and it warms her shell.

She senses that she is not alone.
A flash of thought tells her: “I live”.
She radiates waves of compassion,
Which makes her glow blue

And well-being fills her space.

is this me or am i in between


condenses spirit to life

Inside the aura of a planet, love is exuded profusely.
Nuclei of spirit seed condensation of life and attract love.
In these spheres, egos are formed.

For maintaining existence,
Egos demand permanent supply of love.
A planet provides abundance of love
Caringly.  What else?

When love is reciprocated within all creation
This aura increases in density
Eventually, consciousness rises in all.

When separated from a planet
Through lack of love, the ego experiences fear, then greed.
At low levels of love, the ego plummets into unconsciousness
And the being reverts to a carnal state.

i am here
above and within, feeling all, seeing all
observing them and knowing time, but being no part of it
my reflections alter in balance with the environment
adapted with no attachment
harmony and being is all


does it matter
when, what exists, is only now?

All was brown and dark and warm.
There was no light because none was needed.
Things and beings carried light within themselves.
They radiated this light, and all was seen.


Deep beneath the face of Earth
Sheltered in her nurturing womb of permanence
The Earthlings dwelled since times unknown
Since time is unknown to them.

They move freely through the matter of Earth
With no restrictions whatsoever.
Their physical body just dissolves
And re‑condenses at any desired place.

permitting physical dissolving
the brains’ cohesion must be low
its frequency high
be expansive and have high capacity

Earthlings have absolute trust
In the timely completion of all processes,
Filled with harmony of the wisdom
Permeating all nature.

the spirit within guides and retains their essence
while in this impalpable, elusive existence
the mind is clean to hold 10.000 thoughts
simultaneously, for manifestation

When reforming they can take on any shape.
When applying least effort
They assume hominid form
Of low density matter thus very tall.

about twice the size of today’s beings

With ears like cats for precise and broad hearing
Long arms and legs for grasping and running
Four fingers, because no more are needed
And three eyes, of course.

when transforming
earthlings dissolve and rebuilt their new appearance
in harmony with nature and their surrounding
with matter at hand

Here they lived in balance with Earth
Free from wants and desires.
All was there and given abundantly.
Nothing was needed.

The solemn cause for their existence was
To love and share love.
So, even for that love,
There was no need or any desire.

All felt love inside themselves.
Sharing love rose from overflowing love
From a full heart, abundantly.

ever renewing presence
quickly fades that, which is completed
what may occur is cloaked in irrelevance

Below a huge tree,
Deep inside the Earth,
A rivulet whirls and circles around the roots of the tree
And has washed out a pond.

i know that it will be here where the two will meet


its purpose is joy
which multiplies when shared

A cheeky spirit has taken on the shape of a man being
With hands and feet, a bit on the chubby side.

He speaks with a rumbling resonating voice
And his laughter shakes the ground.
Submerged in the pond, he breathes water.

Covered with clusters of precious stones
His golden gown does not get wet.
The colour of his skin is that of freshly turned soil,
Dark umbra with a moist gloss of green and blue.


Another merry spirit of delicate sensuality
Has chosen the shape of a woman being
With hands and feet, warm and caring.
Her radiant beauty emerges from inside.

Her voice is the sound of water pearls,
Trickling over mossy pebbles.

A brilliant jade green ribbon twines around her strong auburn hair
Tightly woven into a plait; it stands straight up.
Her skin is slightly iridescent, the colour of succulent clay,
With a gleaming shade of red, the colour of sienna.

earthlings can stay dissolved as long as they wish
when reforming pure building blocks are assembled
thus renewing their bodies with every cycle

They have no names.
They absorb each other’s individual, essential vibration,
Which is much more explicit than a name.

He emits vibrations like the moist soil
Under the stem of the big nearby tree
Where the roots are densest
And the immense pressure almost crystallises the earth.

Her radiation resembles that of the clay,
Which holds the water of the pond.
Smooth, pliable but stable once a shape is taken.
Changing in character as moisture comes and goes.

telling their story
i will give them names
umbra and sienna

using words for identifying them
by their individual vibrations
would be far too cumbersome

and mind you
they are changing slightly, anyway

They are different but of the same nature.
They know how to recognise themselves
Within themselves and in each other.
They enjoy what they sense in each other.

They assumed from each other
Some ways of being,
Which deepened their understanding
And their love has expanded.

Their closeness wove a vibrant spectrum of their individual vibrations.
Their coherent similarity aligns their vibrations
And they resonate.
Like everywhere, there is harmony between them.


He plunges into the pond with a roaring laugh
She dives, no water splashes.
They pour out love and exalt in its sharing.
Their eyes are closed for all is seen.

When a gentle breeze strokes water
So she ripples across him.

Their bodies flow up and down, across and around.
Swirling, trembling and gliding.
Halting and shooting.
Sometimes trailing beams of sparks.


is immortal
no repeating
no end.
Was there a beginning?

Sienna complains about the sharp edges of the gems on his gown.

Laughing and recognising her intention,
Umbra permits her to peel off his golden gown.
This will remove some of his power.
He offers this for the deeper unfolding of their love.

Softly tumbling,
The precious gown floats down to the bottom of the pond,
Forming a golden aura around their togetherness.

He desires to free her hair.
Sienna loves Umbra to untie the green ribbon and open the plait,
Which she uses to focus her energy.

So she knows,
Relinquishing some of her power will strengthen their bond and unity.
Joined, their unity will be enhanced and be all-embracing.

Giggling she spins around while he gently pulls the ribbon.
As if having a life of its own,
Coiling and wriggling it floats down the stream,
No need for it anymore.

Her red hair opens easily and weightlessly flies in flowing waves
Merrily celebrating its new-found freedom.

The water boils when they merge again
Now in complete surrender.
Nothing seems between them, anymore.

i can see them orbiting around each other
like two concentric intertwined helices


is no time
but something passes

Whirling around their common centre,
Her hair envelopes them in red golden lustre,
Caressing them, fluttering up and down their mingled bodies.

Gradually they become aware of each other again.
With surprise they recognise
They have still remained two separate beings.

She is knowing
He is the creator.


is high
but what is time?

Their common destiny is up the river,
To the surface of the Earth, out into the world,
Up into the sky and beyond.
They are driven, and they want.

A last long look, all-revealing,
They submit to the knowledge of Earth
Umbra and Sienna shapeshift
Into two small beings, about as long as a woman’s hand.

A small red triangle forms the head
With tiny yellow button eyes.
The flexible, stick-like body is purple
And ends in a larger yellow triangle fin.

With the supple agility of water animals
They twirl around each other
Swimming against the current, upwards.


is what?
the only thing
for something passing
is the distance travelled

Time is short or long in reference to its surrounding.
The life of a star is long the life of an Earthling short.
For the universe, a star remains for just a flicker,
A child lives life as if everlasting.


in space it was
the same as here
wherever you are
all places are here

i am here
above and within, feeling all, seeing all
observing them and knowing time, but being no part of it
my reflections alter with the environment
adapted with no attachment
harmony and being is all

Streaky shadows move across the galaxies’ continuous meadow of suns.
Sometimes sparks shoot off into space.

Closer attention reveals a cloud of innumerous massive columns
Hurtling through space in the same direction but without any aim.

Their black surfaces sparkle,
Polished by starlight’s ceaseless abrasion.
Deeply scarred by countless collisions with matter
On their endless journey.

They are hollow metal drifting containers,
Initially catapulted, now they are moved by the wind of light
and toyed with by the gravitational forces of space.

Some were accelerated and scattered away from the cloud.
Some were caught by suns and vaporised in their coronas
This is the remaining rest.

Over time many supporting machines have seized.
Thus, most vessels only carry the dusty remnants of formerly living things.

Few still hold life at various levels of low existence.
Unaware, not even of their own cycle of life


has no meaning
when one is unconscious
of change

The nutritional resources have been depleted
Life only remained in the survivors
And they have turned to cannibals.
Incest and absolute mono-diet minimised their genetic diversity
Accelerating the collapse of this species.


before this time
there was a time of glory

Long ago they had learned to travel the stars.
When away from the nurturing vibration of their planet, they fell sick.
The body’s fear of death extended the distance between mind and heart.
In panic the mind spasmed and the brain condensed.

Intuition and creativity was drowned
By the single-minded insatiable greed for survival.
Covetously, they began draining life energy from each other.
Their hearts turned cold and love seized.

for love to reside within
it needs awareness, reciprocation and motion

With the fading love inside people,
Their planet gradually died.
Too late this correlation was recognised.

They believed they needed to leave and find a new healthy planet.
Inconceivable was the thought
That love for themselves and each other is possible
And this would revive their planet.

Their exodus grew near, inevitably.

how could they assume to find a healthy planet
without loving inhabitants?
how could they consider pushing them aside?
unknowingly, they would destroy a healthy planet

lack of responsibility
prevents the mind from recognising choices
a state of despair and the collapse of creativity


is lost and no place exists
both need a point of reference
none are in space

Archives tell about an origin
But words and pictures no longer hold meaning
The speeding cycle of uncounted generations without choices
Rendered life senseless.

With no stimulation their mind’s development retarded
Their brains reduced to suffice mere survival.
Virtues and ethics vanished,
Language deteriorated to bare essential.

For the greedy few, the weakness of many
Validated brutality against the already numb
Pursuit of short-lived desire
And boastingly suppressing their own fear.

A ritual with forgotten meaning dictated:
Search for home

A hollow tube, even when big
Is a barren place
All is visible.
What is the meaning of search?

And furthermore, home, what is that?
It is proclaimed to be the answer for something lost.
Glowing images were to tell them how to recognise “home”.
Who could ask and what question?

They had forgotten about inner qualities of things
The hidden meaning, sense and value, invisible to the eye.
Any feelings had drowned in unconsciousness.

And where would those new images appear?
There were no openings in the hull;
They did not know that there was an outside.


who started drawing the circle
knows its beginning and its end

The proximity of a star with planets triggered the robotic navigation systems.
Those few, which still functioned, scanned the planets
And recognised one, in the third orbit, as suitable.
Most of the containers would stay on their endless journey.
Some would be drawn into the nearby star.

Only a few were caught by the gravitation of the planet.
Many of those combusted in the dense atmosphere,
Many collided or plummeted and smashed to pieces.

While revolving through uncountable orbits
The automatic systems scanned the planet
And stored maps and data
In their dishevelled memory banks.

Only three containers slowed down enough
For their inhabitants’ chance of survival
After their vessels had plunged to the ground.

Only one still carried life.
Only a few survived the crash.

knowledge of the mind rots away
if not supported by the wisdom of the heart

Their dull minds still realised that something had happened:
They were squashed to the ground and could only crawl.
Gravitation had increased tenfold.

Several generations would pass
Before the bravest would dare
Climb through the narrow gaps in the cracked hull.

Humans had arrived on the surface of the Earth.

why do they name themselves humans?
is the place where they come from called human?


and space absorbed memories
have events ever been experienced
have they ever occurred?

There is light shining
Radiated from a star far away.
The dense cloud cover glows white,
Enough for seeing and growing.

seeing with light is deceitful
things are only visible when light is reflected
it alleges
this illuminated shell is all there is
the illusion of reality

Humans keep their eyes open for most of the time.
Analysing the outer shape of things
They try to recognise what they are,
Often teased by dull inkling that there is more.

Without awareness, they lost the ability
To tune into the nurturing vibration of this planet.
They could not absorb the omnipresent force.

For sustenance, they had to rely
Upon the three-dimensional vibration of warmth.
It always remains in the spectrum of rays emitted from the stars
And can be absorbed by the outside of the body.

As supplement, they would engorge other living things.
During partial decomposition of organic matter inside their bodies
Energy is set free.
Waste had to find its way outside, again.

Increased gravity made their movements dragging and clumsy.
Their posture hunched and their bodies broadened.
They shrivelled into dwarfs.

This and living of solid stuff condensed their bodies’ matter.
Therefore, no longer was their appearance of their choosing
But turned permanent at the level of lowest vibration.

Absorbing starlight asked for its toll.
Their grey-white skin mutated to weathered parchment.
Their sunken red eyes wept continually.
Their blue-black oily hair hung in long dishevelled strands.


had a beginning
does this mean
it has an end?

Their minds rekindled in the aura of the planet.
Some learned to ask questions;
And because it gave answers
They began to converse with colossal artefact inside the big hull.
The question: “Why do we suffer?”
Required them to learn.

The artefact produced a sheet of flimsy white substance
Showing an arrangement of dots
They found a similar pattern depicted as holes
In the velvet shroud of the night sky.

When they reported the divergence
They were told that since the moment
When the given image had been valid and now,
Time had passed.

Time?  The distance between two experienced moments.

Time, equal to twelve thousand orbits of this planet around its sun.

They began to observe this pattern of holes
And noticed it was moving.
And when this pattern recurred
They called the time span passed one year.


spins the wheel of seasons
growth and harvest
decay and rebirth

It is winter.
Against the cold, they wear furs of dead animals.
They need to eat plants and animals, and they need shelter.
Their bodies are not habituated to the climate of Earth
And ill-attuned to her energy.


Several Humans have broken holes in the ice of a river.
They tied magnetic black stones onto long ropes.
They dropped them into the water to attract metals.

Humans want to be rich through
Collecting and counting things such as precious stones and metals.
Even they know well,
Possessing these things won’t keep them alive.

Most importantly, they are driven
To have more things than anyone else.
Wealth must be visible.


flows like the flow of water
if there is a fulcrum
what is its significance?

Umbra and Sienna, the Earthlings,
Sense the presence of those Humans
And feel love towards them, what else?

They change into what these Humans want,
The most precious stone they can imagine.
To please them.

They change into identical yellow clear crystals in the size of two fists.
Almost entirely weightless, they could float and fly.
Then, they allow themselves to be attracted.

The Humans take their catch carefully out of the water
And hold them in their hands.
Immediately, the Earthlings feel a loss of connection between each other.
But right now it is fun to sense the raw ecstasy of these Humans.

For a short moment, the Earthlings receive feelings of admiration.
Then, they are bewildered by the strange kind of love,
Only a tiny seed,
kept greedily inside, separately.

It is not shared but guarded, anxiously.
They only feel love for beings and things
If their eyes recognise snippets of themselves
On the surface of the other.

Exposed to these unknown emotions and such lack of love,
Sienna and Umbra want to draw closer together;
Gently they increase the attraction between each other.

The Humans holding them
Notice this pull and grab them more tightly.
The Humans’ feeling of love withers
And quickly changes into grasping greed.

These gripping sensations deplete the Earthlings’ energy,
Stifling the subtle force, still trying to draw them closer.
Looming separation evokes the shock of fear and despair.

Emotions never encountered before
Rip them away from the Love of Earth
Swallow their remaining strength.

Umbra and Sienna feel the desire to stay close.
This used to be enough to draw close.
The way of force is unknown
And so is the experience of attack
Or the need for defence.

The Humans want to keep their treasures for themselves.
They secure them in dark leather bags
And add several heavy stones to tie them down.

The harmonic bond keeps Umbra and Sienna still connected
But, as the Humans carry them in different directions
Their link vanishes away.
Dark loneliness devours them.

that was, how they became separated


shapes aeons
Humans and Earthlings
had learned to live together

The potential of a physically established mind
Assisted Humans to regain their capacity of thinking.

to manifest firm structures and things
one needs to focus the mind
concentrate the matter of the brain
as the brain of humans shrunk
their world was declared real and rational

They learned from Earthlings about feelings
And experienced the power of imagination.
Initially, irritated by the sensation of the Earth’s abundant love,
Eventually, they learned to absorb small amounts of her energy.

On an intellectual level
They understood the principle of inner beauty,
Inner life and the cause of emotions.

But they could never grasp the depth of love
They experienced around Earthlings.
Nevertheless, they liked the warm feeling
Quite comfortably they learned to accept this sensation.

Earthlings learned to be more substantial, at times.

Considering more the surface of things and beings,
They recognised their outer beauty.
They gratefully adopted the exercise of the more physical pleasures
Such as eating, drinking, and more formalised singing and dancing.

They were fascinated,
When they discovered the actions of the mind.
This they combined with their knowing,
And created a more comfortable life for Humans on Earth.

More than anything they wished
That Humans would open their hearts.
Feeling more deeply
They could rejoice in the mutuality among Earthlings.


Both had learned from each other
And they became similar, in behaviour and appearance.
The physical features of the Earthlings were stronger,
And when through mingling a new species appeared
The shrivelled appearance of the Humans had almost fallen away.

However, as the Earthing body condensed it became heavier
They could not move that easily any longer.
Their descendants could enjoy the previous agility
Only as young children and those who did not grow excessively.

An even more significant downfall occurred on the inside
Where their differences are quite varied and distinct.

The Earthing mind was used to be open
For communication among all beings.
Brain matter was gentle and agile,
Willing and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

On the contrary, the mind of Humans
Had been firm and focused.

The size of the brain remained the same as that of Earthlings.
But the higher density brain demanded superiority
And suppressed the action of the docile parts.
Now, the significant section of the brain lays dormant.

Earthlings, who have succumbed to the way of Humans
Have almost lost their knowing and power,
Only a glimpse of feeling remained.
Sometimes, it surfaces most inappropriately causing much embarrassment.

Once Earthlings experience again
The essence of their descent,
They feel overcome by an intense longing and loss of direction.

The pull towards their true nature
Often rips them away from their beliefs and established comfort.
Then, they need to learn to accept
And live in both worlds equally.

when inspired
the earthling’s mind momentarily transmits the barrier
since everything has existed before
often guides us to the answers to our search
why else would it be called re-search?

Some Humans have learned to open so much
That they can sense the touch of magic and love.
Still, abundance and omnipresence
Will always remain a bit foreign to them.

They carry inside themselves an unfading hope in the future
And an indestructible dedication and believe in their abilities.


was a time, of no time
the one could tell
that something was passing
because memories had faded

Umbra and Sienna suffered from their endless separation.
Their crystals had lost their power, and their size dwindled.
Occasionally, they still felt a warm sense of magic,
But dwelling at such low energy
Had removed detailed memories and their skills.

Had they forgotten their ability
to connect with the energy of the Earth?


long forgotten
when all this
took place

Umbra’s crystal had diminished to a small pendant.
Now, he hangs on a thin leather string
Touching the tanned skin
Between the breasts of a young woman.

Proximity permitted his desire and search for Sienna
Influence the young woman’s heart
Because she had experienced love,
But never with such intensity.

Her relentless quest for not even knowing what
Began, when the clear yellow crystal was given to her.
Glowing hope and burning desire
Filled her with invigorating love and trust
And there was never any need.


Sienna’s crystal had shrunk too.
It is hidden in the drawer of an old desk
In the museum for rare and useless things.

She is only known to an ageless man
Who had connected with her more than two hundred years ago
When he had been thirty.
Since then he had stopped ageing,
Like the love of the Earthling woman had never faded.

She showed him a kind of love,
Which confirmed his knowing beyond all doubt
And lust was not driving him ever since.
Contented with being whole, he chose his company freely.
His inner joy relieved him from competing.

Through their profound connection
Sienna had been able to tell him of the young woman’s arrival
And given detailed instructions.


moves thought, which is vibration
behind it
is there yet another force?

After many years of travel
The young woman arrives at an ancient city
Mentioned in all lore of old.
It has grown on the banks of a wide river
In the centre of the old continent.

With a subtle sense of direction
She meanders her way through crowds of tourists
And many buildings from the past.

As soon as she steps through the inner gates into the old city
A restless urge overcomes her,
Never felt before.

Led by doubtless determination
She hurries up a hill in the central park.
Dashing through a dense grove
Branches of fir trees brush her body.

When she steps outside the woods
She sees an old grey building
Depicting the façade of a Greek temple.
The museum for rare and useless things.

Knowing the arrival at her final destination
She runs down the hill,
Leaps across a narrow creek
And reaches the broad portal.

She jumps up the wide marble stairway,
Taking several steps at a time.
She rushes through the foyer, up another flight of stairs,
Along a corridor with many closed doors.

Suddenly she halts,
Opens the door in front of her without knocking
And enters.
A moment later she stands in front of the ageless man.

With instant recognition
Both know the origin of their feelings.
The young woman pulls the thin leather band over her head,
Holds it in her hand, the pendant dangling.

Since she had received the crystal
She had never taken it off.
Sensing the piercing pain of a pending loss,
Fear overcomes the young woman.

The deep love and desire,
Which had become so much a part of her,
May wane by giving away the crystal.

But then she trusts
That the love she feels inside herself, now,
Will never leave her.

because once you know with your heart
you always know
without any doubt or any loss

The ageless man understands
That soon he will live the life of a mortal being again.
Many a time he had witnessed
The turn of the cycle of life.

Privileged to pass his experiences with no rush,
The pain had been less.
He feels the contentment, bestowed through knowing.
Gratefully, ready to release the crystal.

The ageless man walks to his desk near the window
And reaches far into the back of the drawer.
When he returns, the crystal lies in the palm of his hand.

Both feel in their hearts the crystals’ contents:
Two beings of Earth from way past.
Gently, she lowers her crystal into his hand.
They look identical.

Umbra and Sienna are near again.
Closeness arouses emotions.
Finally, they discover the need for their love.
A love that needs fulfilment to be sustained.

Absence may increase desire
But incessant despair erodes a void
That Earth’s love could not replenish.

Yearning rekindles passion.
Memories rise and lead the way.
They surrender all protection.

When the last barriers dissolve
They fuse into one.
In a brilliant puff
They vanish.


after all times
the when time has emptied


Wolfgang Köhler
Happiness Apprentice

20 February 1998
heart chacra green blue purple orange low

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