Long Time Ago

I am hovering at about shrub height.

All I see is lush green.  Out of the ground rises an opaque cloud composed of the elements of fine matter.  Ella is Earth, and she offers some of her substance. When I infuse this cloud, it forms a shape fitting my nature and condenses enough to suite interaction with the surrounding.

Who am I?  Irrelevant this moment. We enjoy this; joy is unfamiliar, and I like it.  This way she causes attraction.  Sensing this interface arises temptation, something about Ella, I find fascinating.


This gestalt of the body is a synthesis of our combined attributes and qualities. This body is Yo. It is made of the same matter as Ella; otherwise, Yo could not touch but penetrate Ella, and Ella could not see or touch Yo.  It is of lesser density than Ella’s, but even though, it has weight; a new experience.

Principally, Yo’s construction is simple and efficient.  It has three stick-like legs to stand on and walk with, omnidirectional sensory receptors, some inner organs I am not aware of and a slightly denser boundary layer to keep it all together.  The most efficient shape is a sphere.

It alters with Yo’s intentions, thoughts and feelings.  Mainly, it moves by most appropriate means when triggered by Yo’s curiosity and forms long flexible arms to pick up food.  Automatically it adapts to necessity and responds to variations of external conditions, following the primary purpose to enhance his sense of wellbeing and comfort.

Eating: a somewhat befumbling concept, breaking Earth’s matter into smaller bits after which it releases energy. Interesting. Why binding it together in the first place, why at all consuming energy?


Ella likes making complex structures, taking smaller bits and attaches them to each other with energy. Why would Ella receive fun out this activity? One cannot continue building things forever. There is an end to it. At some point in time, one runs out of matter and energy as far as I understand.

Time. An interesting idea.

The cycle of creation and destruction was in place before Yo existed.  When the time of scarcity occurred, Ella used to break the structures on a large scale, absolute and entirely.  Then Ella had to start again from the very beginning. The start of creation is tedious; making trees and butterflies is fun.

With the intention of having something that dissolves matter more subtly, Ella attracting me and instigating the composition of YoYo dissembles structures more targeted and contained.  How do I fit into this scheme?

Ella manifests all things according to her nature; they live through her spirit, thus, in harmony.  However, to advance her cyclic creativity and enhance her excitement, an element of differing nature was required, adding unpredictability caused by the introduction of a separate spirit.

 Ella attracted my curiosity, pleased me so that I would infuse my spirit into Yo.

Yo’s incentive for following Ella’s influence are the feelings resulting from comfort and pleasure, sensations which Yo can only perceive through being of Ella’s matter.  Yo has learned the relationship between cause and effect.

Yo is a complex structure.  Yo is alone.


Remembering, before Yo was formed, I floated in unstructured space. I observed formations of matter move. Did I move or stand still? In reference to what? It does not matter. Movement in relation to each other provides an opportunity to approach each other.

I saw a red marble. It felt attractive; I gravitated towards it; I did not resist. No mind, no thought, no question. There was rapport, and movement closed the distance. The difference in size was/is matterless.

Now, I almost entirely identify myself with Yo, here.  Next to Ella Yo is tiny and Ella is minuscule in comparison with me.

There is only little movement of Yo in relationship to Ella.


Trees grow and dissolve. Yo does not. There are many trees, but  Yo has not met another Yo, there is only one Yo.  What is the meaning of growing when it ends with dissolving? Incessantly, Ella wants to shape complex structures, Ella‘s purpose is to create, regardlessly, relentlessly. What is Ella’s motivation?

Insensitivity? Interesting thought.

All is cyclic. Why is it not stable? Yo is stable as long as Yo wants. What is the reason for cyclicity, what is its purpose?  I observe this cyclicity and experience the effect of change as Yo. I am not Yo. Yo is mostly of Ella.  I think, and know that I exist.


This was a long time ago; aeons have passed. Now, there are countless Yo. I am I but who are they? They are solid like Ella.  I watch them grow, like trees, grow and fall. Yo is tired and chooses to enter the cycle of life; immediately Yo beings to wither.

At this moment, more clearly than ever before, I see and feel, I am separate from Yo. Yo is bound to Earth’s cycle, and I am separate from her, Ella.


Wolfgang Köhler 

18 August 2016
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