A Starfish Story`

Leben Leben lehrt

Learning happens when we live life.  Living?  Going out there inspired by curiosity’s call, leaving comfort and what we know behind, facing the fear of the unknown and moving forward in spite of it, riding the wave of courage.

This is the story about a starfish.  One day, in his adolescence, he begins to travel.  There, he realises that he is different to all other starfish.  And more, than he ever could have imagined.  Allow yourself to be taken by this curious being, his travels, experiences and insights.

When you meet Cedric on your daily outings, tell him hello from me.  And tell me, what the circumstances of your meeting were.  Thanks.

1 Ordinary Starfish Some wander for its own sake
some are lost, some driven.
Starfish have five tentacles. From the very beginning, they always had five tentacles. They did not start with only one and then two, and later three four and five. No, they had five, forever, always.
2 On the upper Shelf New dimensions reveal themselves,
no need for searching.
Cedric enjoys his adventure while eating, thinking and climbing a wall. At the top of the wall, the ground gets level again. He meets a strange creature…
3 Making Friends In a world of gold,
the blue bird is precious.
On his travels, Cedric meets beings, some with more tentacles than six.   Some had specialised tentacles, and they called them claws, legs or feet.
4 Oceans of the World When everywhere is home,
you are always home.
Travelling on Bluey’s back, sitting in the gap between the big front fin and the smaller, pointy one behind. He would have three tentacles on either side. How practical to have six tentacles.
5  About the Size of things  For a mind to repose,
size of matter is irrelevant.
 Going north, the cold, other beings, icebergs and the relativity of size.

At the moment I have published 5 parts of Cedric’s travels.  Story 6 is in writing.  So far four more are planned and in various stages of completion.


Amadeus W.

24 October 2014
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