Silver Rain


Water                  united in the creek.

Whirls around rocks, lively bubbling
Glittering swirls of playful joy
Singing its tumbling song of happiness.


Acceleration     causes confusion.

Foreboding change provokes irritation
Resistance grows against the speeding flow
Yearning calls for past security.


Ledge                  triggers separation.

Dispersed by powers of increasing pace
Fiercely clinging together, filled with fright
Looming unknown casts chilling shadows.


Drops                  falling curtain of stringed pearls.

Closeness comforts
A moment of rest
Remembering the common source.


Wind                   sprays the fabric apart.

A faltering moment, the harmony breaks
Reluctant surrender
Yield into the inevitable journey.


Mist                    curls what was in disarray.

Amorphous movement
Loss of orientation
Identities dissolve.


Seclusion            evokes feeling alone.

Falling into endlessness
No senses or direction
Centred on a fragment of self.


Rock                    shocks with black, hard pain.

Excruciating splash to dissolution
Incessant hissing shriek
Foaming chaos fills the steaming pool.


Water                  emerges from surprise.

Squeezing through the narrow gap
Joyous recognition all is one
In the calm pond of reunion, all is known.



Wolfgang Köhler 

Springbrook, Purlingbrook Falls, 29 June 1993
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