Finding Words`

Let words find the hand
Wonder who is writing
Words want to appease.

Step into the visualised thought
Leave the mind and move into feelings
Deeper immersion increases their strength.

Comfort the startled mind, impatiently beckoning
Once content, it will stop pulling
Allowing you to fall.

The deep evokes words, without any doing
They gladly surrender, with tender reverence float near
Like a garment, caressingly dress the intangible sense.

Sometimes, words face unfamiliarity
Thus parts of the notion stay unclad
But partially expressed, the feeling hesitates to rise.

Not often, impression and words find no match
Confused the latter err
The meaning remains bare.

Now it’s time to surrender the task
Delighting in wordless purity
Leave the thought unwritten.

Words are the writer’s substance
The avid reader is his outward pride
The untellable thought ensues originality, his hidden mastery.

When magic spells
Unspoken bliss
With words have not yet found.


Amadeus W.

1 December 2015
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