Finding Words

Let words find the hand
And wonder who writes
Be sure, words want to appease.

Step into the thought
Leave the mind behind
Immersion in feelings raises their strength

This startles the mind
Its tightened fear prevents you from leaving
Your comforting opens its grasp and allows you to fall.

Randomly, the deep evokes words
In tender reverence, they float near and gladly yield
Like a garment caressingly dresses the lofty guise.

Not often, words err around
Confused when they don’t find a match
Phrases only partially clad cannot rise.

Now it’s time to let it all be
And leave the impression unwritten
Delighting in wordless purity.

Words are the steel of the wordsmith
Avid readers, their outward pride.
The untellable idea portends originality.

When the singer’s tune is silent
The dancer stalls in motion
The painter rests this very stroke
And the writer leaves this sentence…

When magic spells
Unspoken bliss
Whose words have been not found, yet.


Wolfgang Köhler

1 December 2015
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