When Muses kiss me

Dear Friends

Since the last time I contacted you about my publications, more has happened.

On my blog When Muses kiss me, I published two poems, which I wrote about 20 years ago. You find them in the footer of the blog under the heading RECENTLY PUBLISHED.

Terra looks at the larger scope of the cycle and circle of life and creation… in a simplified version

Beware of Words is a short poem addressing the power of words.

As always, enjoy

Amadeus W.

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This one took a long time

… to appear here, on my blog … yes, it did.  It’s a special story, which came to me in a dream, almost 20 years ago.  Still today, it amazes me, how a whole story can be dreamt… and remembered, especially when one has a very short… short memory.

It’s about the world, the whole world.  And beings from different times and places and how they got together…

Ah, you want the link!

No Need for Love

Indian Travel Stories

Gee wizz

I almost forgot to tell you that I added two days to the list of my Indian travel diary.  They are about temples in caves.  The link below leads you to the opening page, from there, you can choose, which stories you want to read.  The ones I just published are in row 8 and 9.

Indian Travels

Amadeus W.


Cedric is back

After many months of doing other things…

Cedric told me his new adventure of going north, into the cold.  Food, appears to him, is the only motivation for living things to move around.  With his friend Bluey, he meets more unusual beings and islands and edges of the world.  He is faced of accepting another “feature” about himself and learns more about friendship and breathing.

 About the Size of things

is the fifth part of Cedric’s travel around the world.  And as always:


Amadeus W.