A Writer’s Biography

I write only when I am inspired. There is plenty arriving. From where? I could employ two typists, easily.


Data and facts, such as numbers, incidences and names, have always been far too small information packages for my brain to hold.  They fell through because its pores were too wide. Fortunately, my birth certificate states, I was born, and that it happened just about two months after WWII had ended. Right timing, sure, it could have been worse.


Before the war, my father had been a fitter at the wharf and my mother a farmer’s girl who believed she was born to for more significant tasks. Towards the end of the war, my father was wounded. Returning home he found a job as a clerk, as did my mother. For her, it was a step up, for him a step down.

School and Miracles

Success at school still largely depends on remembering data and facts. Having the predisposition as mentioned earlier, I spent most of my time in the back row. How I ended up with a Bachelor in Ingeneering, I consider the second miracle in my life.  The first was, being born.  The third was the birth of my daughter.  And the list could go on from there onwards.

Life as a Writer

Had to write down data and facts in my diary; I just forgot too much ••• perhaps, because it was in English ••• immigration to Australia

Noted in my diary fragments of thoughts and ideas, and proverbs ••• wrote research papers on design and engineering ••• discovered spirituality

Wrote my first poem ••• ingeneering career ended, started teaching ••• wrote lecture material for industrial design and marketing

Began writing about my way of seeing the world ••• Master of Arts ••• Fellow of Institution of Engineers

Fairy tales appeared  •••  stories of my life turned significant to me  •••  expressed my opinion as part of my profession ••• published in magazines ••• the study of counselling ••• end of permanent employment

Enjoyed writing papers challenging established science and scientists ••• from then on, I could write all day and more.

Inspiration on Nothing ••• discovered Democritus and kenon ••• realised that my journey into kenon had started in the 1960th, writing about it in 1988 and now it accelerated

Nothing has become an influential part of my conscious life ••• publishing other written stuff has turned secondary

Where and what?

Mentally challenging, stimulating, provoking and “scientific” papers, poems, fantasies and stories are published on my blog  Smile

The technically, sort of realistic articles are on  Ingenious Ingeneers

The fun, motivating, fairy tales and life stories and poems are right here on this blog

Most importantly …


Wolfgang Köhler

30 November 2009
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