To be or not to be … an artist?

The  Jolt

Recently, I attended an exhibition opening at an art gallery; paintings and sculptures.  The owner, Pete Martin, a painter himself, commented:  “What’s the point of being an artist when you don’t share your work?”  This jolted me a wee bit in my comfort zone.

Am I an Artist?

I have been writing since the mid-eighties.  Do I want to share my work?  If you listen carefully, you may hear a slightly hesitant yes.  Apparently, I enjoyed writing the stories shown here.  When you tell me, you enjoyed reading them, it will add to my pleasure, definitely.

After German. . .

English is my second language, and inevitably, German grammar, syntax and its particular way of saying things have influenced my style of writing.  If it only sounds quirky or foreign and you find it interesting then, I guess, it’s ok.

If I used a wrong predicate or did not obey a required word order, or if I applied a word in an ambiguous way, please let me know.  Unfortunately or maybe not, spell checkers still pass some mistakes.

Please, don’t be shy; tell me.

Wolfgang Köhler

24 November 2009heart chacra green blue purple orange low

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