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Funny.  This is my first blog, which I started in November 2009 and only now I realise, I have not written something about myself.

I guess, who I am is a simple question: I am myself, mostly conscious of what is happening around me and how I affect my surrounding.  Mostly, I am aware of the impact it has on me and my responses.  Some of those stories, clarities and insights I have published on my blog SMILE.

I guess, it also depends on, from which direction you look at me, because I have different sides… sites?  In other words, the way I appear depends on the way I express myself: in a fairy tale, a poem, a filosofical paper or an article about metamorphosis.

In a way, all my stories tell you something about me.  They are inspired by dreams and ideas, the way I perceive the world.

For example:  The Lily and I  tells you about how I see myself in the scheme of things.

Part of the Whole was an early discovery about the importance of being quiet.  This finding changed me, I became calmer.  Be the change you want, is a clarity I have, still not written about.

Gnood and Nevil, as well as Snow Daisy’s Dream, tell you that I have an active imagination and dream life.

You find something about the ingeneer of me when you click on ingeneer.

And the joyful filosofer’s profile is here

You know more about me?  Sure, of course, you do.

None of us is simple, we are all complex beings, and it takes time to get to know each other.



Wolfgang Köhler

05 May 2015
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