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Long Time ago

There is a difference between I and Me and Her, the Earth.  The story may confuse you a bit but it is as authentic as can be.  I, the writer, read it several times to make sure that it is understandable…  read more

No more Moments

Have you ever had an experience where you thought you would not have another moment? I had one today.
. . . Behind my local shopping centre is a narrow lane where two cars have to drive slowly to pass each other. This lane also links up with a main road, and occasionally, impatient drivers go this way to avoid a set of lights… read more


Earth is fruitful, from her we come, to her we go.
. . .She turns decay to creation, stores the building blocks of life.
. . .Tapping the catalytic power of water brings forth the blossom of nature…. read more

Uncle Connor

My first job in Australia was with a company, where we developed and produced ultrasound equipment for medical diagnostics. I was hired as a draftsman in the mechanical ingeneering department. How I got this job was a kind of interesting story, but unrelated to this one….. read more

Queen for one Night

When I was seven or eight years old, our teacher in Biology told us: “Tomorrow night The Queen for one Night will open her flowers.”  I was fascinated; even I did not know what The Queen for one Night was.  It was a big flower, was all we were told.  Or perhaps, this was all I heard…. read more


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