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last update on 12 January 2019

190112 Who are the Muses — Since they kiss me occasionally, I was wondering who they actually are.  In this article, I write about them.  … read more

160818 Long Time Ago — About the creation of sentient life on Earth, about its purpose and thoughts. There is a difference between I and Yo and Ella, the Earth.  I can take on a substantial shape, which is Yo.  There is awareness about Yo’s composition and outer shape and why it is this way.
. . . … I am hovering at about shrub height. All I see is lush green.  Out of the ground rises an opaque cloud composed of the elements of fine matter.  Ella is Earth, and she offers some of her substance. When I infuse this cloud, it forms a shape fitting my nature and condenses enough to suite interaction with the surrounding. … read more

160110 How to say it? — A story about writing, about how to express inspirations and finding the words for it, which requires attention, in particular when your English is not your mother tongue.
. . . … Impressions come in a flash.  I see, feel and sense them with more than ordinary senses, crisp and clear, but I don’t know them.  Allowing not-knowing promotes their unfolding.  This may sound like an oxymoron.  Let me explain. … read more

151201 Finding Words — A poem about writing and where the words come from and how they find the writer and what happens when there are no words. … read more

151201 Leave your Art behind — A poem about writing and what happens when there is silence, no action in the Arts. … read more

150213 Coming around — A poem about Inner talk and finding Inner peace…. read more

141024 A Starfish Story — This starfish notices that he is different because he feels desires others laugh about when he tells them. One day he starts to move away from his flock, just to explore, how unusual. And as every journey begins with one single step, he was on his adventurous travels. So far, five episodes have been published and three more are in various stages of writing. (The link takes you to the introduction page) … read more

130410 Being Here — About an ordinary day, which started with me noticing that I am old and how this day turned into a special day … read more

120820 Blowing and the Wind — A story from very early in my life, about trees, chimneys, wind and knowledge … read more

100224 Catching Happiness — A poem about sharing happiness and anything else … read more

100215 Snow Daisy’s Dream — A story about a snow daisy living in the glades at the banks of a creek with its greatest wish to visit the other side of the creek.
. . . … In the high mountains, where the fir trees are tall and stay dense in dark forests, now and then there is a glade, for some reason.  There, the blades of the grass are fine but hardy and barely longer than a hand.  They stand in dense clusters, leaving space in between for myriads of flowers. …  read more

091205 No more Moments — Have you ever had an experience where you thought you would not have another moment? I had one today.
. . . … Behind my local shopping centre is a narrow lane where two cars have to drive slowly to pass each other. This lane also links up with a main road, and occasionally, impatient drivers go this way to avoid a set of lights… read more

091130 A Writer’s Biography — My biography as a writer and what inspired me to be one … read more

090807 Gnood and Nevil — A story about two unlike friends, a rabbit and a labyrinth and the monsters living in it.
. . . … Gnood does not know how old he is. He cannot remember when he was born, but then, who can? We all rely on being told by someone who had been around when it happened. Gnood does not know anyone who could tell him. Adults would shrug when he asked. … read more

061207 Do nothing — A story about a Chinese Emperor and how the action of doing nothing can this be beneficial to all involved
. . . … In ancient times, under the Heaven, in the land of Fu, 芙, there was a great king, much loved by his people. His name was Qiang Ming, 強 明. His country was in order and his people content. … read more

051228 Uncle Connor — About Uncle Connor, the meaning of words, how it can change and how it can effectuate one’s life.
. . . … My first job in Australia was with a company, where we developed and produced ultrasound equipment for medical diagnostics. I was hired as a draftsman in the mechanical ingeneering department. How I got this job was a kind of interesting story, but unrelated to this one….. read more

000621 The Aim of Destiny — A poem about travelling towards one’s destiny and what can happen along the way … read more

990902 A Man in Harmony — A poem about finding balance inside and being a man… read more

981117 A heightened State — A snippet of thought on the deeper state of awareness…. read more

980220 No Need for Love — An epic (long story) of another genesis, without a Big Bang or any gods or creators.  It tells the story of two different kinds of being, how they live and come together and why there is no need for Love.
. . . … Unnoticeably, within lasting silence,
. . .Gradually, sporadic, sections of nothing vibrated, and sound occurred.
. . .Penetrated by sound, emptiness obtained the meaning of space.
. . .Once named space was limited and intussuscepted.
. . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…  read more

970927 Beware of Words — A poem about wind, trees and prayer wheels and choosing one’s words … read more

950926 Where Reality is — A tale about a happy king and his happy people and country and when suddenly something changed.
. . . … In a land far away, in a small country, there lived an all mighty king, a real king, one who may not have the most subjects but one who had led many to royalty in their own lives.  And as they are the distinctive attributes of a truly noble person, he was kind, generous and benevolent.  … read more

931213 The Lily and I — An inspiration about beauty.
. . . … Late at night, I sit on the edge of the deck, legs and thoughts dangling in soothing soft darkness.  Multiplying the dim light leaking from inside the house, boldly set in black, reflecting brilliance, a small white flower smiles at me.  … read more

930629 Talangagong — A poem that takes you on the journey of water in a creek and what happens when it reaches the edge of a cliff face.  Talangagong means “Silver Rain” in the language of the local native Australians.
. . . … Water … united in the creek.
. . . Whirls around rocks, lively bubbling
. . . Glittering swirls of playful joy
. . . Singing its tumbling song of happiness.   … read more

930101 Queen for one Night — A story about perception and how it changes when we grow up and older.
. . . … When I was seven or eight years old, our teacher in Biology told us: “Tomorrow night The Queen for one Night will open her flowers.”  I was fascinated; even I did not know what The Queen for one Night was.  It was a big flower, was all we were told.  Or perhaps, this was all I heard…. read more

920620 About Trees — A comparison between the growing of trees and that of humans. The obstacles and how they are overcome.
. . . … Early on we are pampered in the greenhouse of life under ideal conditions, initially.  At the time of sprouting, nobody really cares about how, what or whether at all we think or feel. Every progress is welcomed gladly and supported…  read more

901012 Terra — A poem, which had been inspired during my time when I learned with the Hopi Indians.
. . .… Earth is fruitful, from her we come, to her we go.
. . .She turns decay to creation, stores the building blocks of life.
. . .Tapping the catalytic power of water brings forth the blossom of nature…. read more

900205 A Part of the Whole — A poem about finding oneness with the Universe… read more


Wolfgang Köhler
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last update on 12 January 2019
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